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  • Always Fresh Seeds - Our product is imported fresh from the Amazon rainforest twice a month.
  • 100% Raw & Natural - Freshness is the Most Important factor in Nuez de la India's effectiveness.
  • 110% Moneyback Guarantee - Our Authentic Nuez de la India is backed by our No Questions Asked - Risk Free Guarantee.
  • Customer Support & Guidance - Our Nuez de la India Guide and Customer Support are here to help you achieve your goals
  • Easy to Use - Taken just once a day, at night before going to bed.
  • Includes Diet & Exercise Advice - Our Nuez de la India Diet Guide will help you reach your weight loss goals
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How does Nuez de la India work?

Aleurites moluccanus tree from AmazonOur Nuez de la India comes from a specific, non-toxic variety of the Aleurites moluccanus tree which we have propagated in the Amazon Rainforest. Aleurites moluccanus is known as one of the great domesticated, multipurpose trees of the world. It's many medicinal benefits have been well documented and recorded by government agencies around the world -- Including the US National Institute of Health (visit

Taken once a day as a tea before bed, Nuez de la India works primarily as a perfectly subtle, natural, thermogenic. Thermogenics increase your resting metabolic rate through metabolic stimulation. (wikipedia: thermogenics)

Nuez de la India also contains high amounts of natural Chlorogenic Acids. Chlorogenic Acid has been the subject of a variety of recent scientific research and weight loss products such as Green Coffee Bean Extract. Chlorogenic Acids have been shown in Scientific studies to decrease intestinal absorption of glucose in the liver (DocStoc: see the study) and promote the use of existing fat for energy. Note: "Svetol" is simply a trademark name of Chlorogenic Acids which are extracted from green coffee beans. However there are other sources of Chlorogenic Acids in nature -- including Nuez de la India.

Chlorogenic Acids also have a natural laxative effect. Chlorogenic Acids are thought to be cause of the laxative effect of prunes (source). This helps to explain why many of our Nuez de la India users report a laxative & detoxifying effect in the first one to two weeks of use.


Why Our Nuez de la India is Safer, Fresher, & More Effective

We are the first and only Nuez de la India provider that individually inspects and packages our Nuez de la India right here in the United States in an FDA Registered facility.

We introduced this safer, tamper-proof packaging in early 2013 after hearing reports of customers falling ill from fake or old Nuez de la India seeds which were purchased in simple unsealed, stapled-shut plastic bags from various other websites.

Being a natural, raw, nut product - Nuez de la India can become rotten, rancid, or infected with fungus if not properly sealed and stored. 

The Authentic Nuez de la India seed can also be hard to distinguish from other much more dangerous (and even poisonous) seeds from completely different plants. Your safety is at risk unless you are certain of the authenticity of the Nuez de la India you purchase.

Steps we take to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the Nuez de la India we sell:

  1. In our FDA registered food facility, every seed is individually inspected once arriving in the United States.
  2. Each seed is inspected for Authenticity, Freshness, & Size before being professionally packaged and sealed.
  3. Our new, tamper-proof packaging cannot be opened without breaking the seal.
  4. Packaging also has zip-loc seal so you can keep them fresh after you open.
  5. Packaging has clear instructions in English and Spanish.
  6. Packaging has our direct contact information for all inquiries.


Our Exclusive Nuez de la India Guide - Free with Your Order!

There is no such thing as a diet product that works without proper consumption and proper pairing of a balanced, nutritional diet.

That is why we've created the first and only Nuez de la India Diet Guide - an Exclusive, Downloadable Guide available only to customers.

Our Nuez de la India Diet Guide Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction for taking Nuez de la India
  • Introduction to the Nuez de la India Diet
  • Which foods work best with Nuez de la India?
  • Detailed Answers to frequently asked questions.

The Guide will be delivered directly to your email inbox right after your purchase.

Nuez de la India Customer Reviews

Nuez de la India is the one for me! Review by: Cynthia M.

Hi, just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and friendly customer support. I'm looking forward to trying the product as I have heard a lot about it. I will probably place another order within the next 2 weeks!

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Thank you Monica for sending us your video testimonial. We're so happy to hear you're enjoying the Nuez de la India diet! We love hearing from our customers, if you would like to submit a video review please email us.

Nuez de la India Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nuez de la India Safe?
Authentic Nuez de la India is non-toxic (see: Listing), however there have been many stories of individuals who have been selling fake Nuez de la India. That is why we believe it is extremely important that you order from an established Nuez de la India reseller.

So why should I order from you?
Order from if you want to receive the best price and the fastest shipping on authentic Nuez de la India seeds from Brazil. We're one of the longest standing Nuez de la India resellers in the United States. We are also the first and only company to offer a diet guide specific to Nuez de la India. Our product is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee and our customer service staff is here to answer all of your questions and help you on your weight loss journey using Nuez de la India. You can contact us toll free at 1-855-BUY-NUEZ (1-855-289-6839) or Email Us Here and we'll respond within 24 hours.

When will I receive my order?
All orders placed before 4:00PM PST will be shipped that very same day, guaranteed. We’ll send you your unique USPS tracking number immediately once your order is shipped so you may track your package. Orders typically arrive within 2-3 business days.

Do you ship International? Yes! Every day. Please see the chart below



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