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Welcome to, the Highest Rated & Most Popular choice for Nuez de la India (also known as Semilla de Brasil) since 2009. What makes us #1?

  1. ALWAYS FRESH - As the #1 supplier to customers and vendors all over the world, we directly source fresh Nuez de la India from the Amazon Rainforest every month.
  2. SUPERIOR PACKAGING - The fresh, raw Nuez de la India is quality inspected, packaged and sealed in our United States FDA Registered Facility in California.
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  4. EXCLUSIVE GUIDE - Our FREE, exclusive Nuez de la India Diet Guide has helped thousands of customers successfully lose weight with Nuez de la India.
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What is the Nuez de la India Diet Guide? 

We created the Nuez de la India Diet Guide after years of helping thousands of customers all over the world successfully lose weight with Nuez de la India.

The Nuez de la India Diet is a simple, but very effective 3-step system

  1. Preplenish - You are guided through a "Preplenish" phase to get your body ready to start taking Nuez de la India.
  2. Nuez de la India Detox - You are taught how to properly take Nuez de la India from Day 1 to Day 52.  
  3. Replenish - You learn how to take care of your body's needs so you safely lose weight with Nuez de la India.

The guide also includes a grocery shopping list, breakfast, lunch, & dinner recipes, FAQs section, and recommendations for other unique Superfoods which pair really well with Nuez de la India.

The Nuez de la India Diet Guide is COMPLETELY FREE for everyone who purchases Nuez de la India from us -- no strings attached. No monthly billing. No additional charges, just great service.

Download the Diet Guide & Start Today!

Once you place your order we will immediately send you the complete Nuez de la India Diet Guide (both the English and Español versions) so you can begin your Nuez de la India Diet even before your seeds arrive -- you can start your Preplenish today!

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How does Nuez de la India Work? 

Drinking Nuez dela India Tea Before BedFor being such a small seed, Nuez de la India really packs a punch. Nuez de la India is famous for it's detox and laxative effects, however there other very important oils and phytochemicals in Nuez de la India which help explain the consistent weight loss even after the laxative effects are long gone.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is a very rare omega-6 fatty acid that sends calming chemicals to the body’s fat cells, signaling them to give up some of their fat stores.

New evidence also suggests (GLA) may also help prevent weight regain following major weight loss.

Nuez de la India is one of the rare excellent sources of naturally occurring GLA in the World.

Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid Helps maintain lean muscle mass, enhances your diet and supports your metabolism.

Nuez de la India contains high amounts of natural (not synthetic!)

Conjugated Linoleic Acids.

Gentle Laxative & Diuretic

The oils in Nuez de la India produce a unique “lubricant & emollient laxative” effect. This is very different from "purgative laxatives" which agitate your bowels.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

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The Secret Is In The Oils!

The reason why we go to such great lengths to ensure our seeds are always fresh is because the secret to Nuez de la India's weight loss effects are in the oils and fatty acids found in every seed.

In fact, there are only two known sources of all Omega 3, 6, 9, and Gamma-Linolenic fatty acids in the world; Nuez de la India and raw Evening Primrose Seeds.


There are over 15 different kinds of fatty acids in Nuez de la India that all have unique and amazing health benefits. However, all of these are very sensitive to light and open air exposure. So when it comes to Nuez de la India: FRESH = EFFECTIVE

The most important point to keep in mind is that because all Nuez de la India is sold de-shelled, the packaging and handling is critically important to keeping the oils in tact and effective. The unique compounds found inside the oil are very sensitive. Thus, Nuez de la India must be sealed in air-tight, non-transparent packaging to prevent loss of moisture and rancidity.

If you purchase seeds which are old or haven't been packaged and stored properly you are throwing your money away!

How to inspect Nuez de la India for Freshness & Effectiveness

By far, the easiest way to determine freshness of Nuez de la India is to simply look at the packaging it comes in.

It's amazing to us that, in 2015, all the other retailers are still selling Nuez de la India in stapled closed plastic.

It's hard to say if other Nuez de la India sellers are uninformed or if they are just unwilling to invest in a proper packaging facility, but you can be sure that their seeds have a very short shelf life, are rarely effective, and are potentially dangerous..

Buy the Safe, Fresh, & Effective Nuez de la India 

Our Nuez de la India is the only Nuez de la India packaged inside the United States in an FDA Registered facility. Because of this, we are the also the only company that guarantees fresh, effective seeds -- every time you order.

Order Today and we GUARANTEE you will be satisfied or your money-back!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I found a site that says the Latin nut is highly toxic. Why are they making such claims?

There are some online and offline vendors selling nuts/seeds that are not aleurites moluccana (the scientific name of Nuez de la India), but perhaps look similar (or they chop them before you buy them so you really have no idea what seed they are). There are seeds from South America that have also been used for extreme weight loss (such as "Friar's Hat" or Yellow Oleander), but these seeds are highly toxic and unsafe for human consumption. Aleurites moluccana, on the other hand, is deemed non-toxic by the US FDA. That's why you just need to make sure you buy from a reputable seller of authentic semillas (seeds). AUTHENTIC Aleurites Moluccana is safe to consume in the recommended quantities (but you still should not exceed 1/4th seed and if you have nut allergies or irritable bowel syndrome you should avoid taking Nuez de la India). If you do have an overwhelming adverse reaction, please stop taking and you may request a refund as well. Please make sure you read our FAQs section of the diet guide where we talk more about taking Nuez de la India safely and managing/eliminating side-effects.

Is Nuez de la India the same as Semilla de Brasil (or Semillas del Brasil)?

Yes. Nuez de la India and Semilla de Brasil come from the same non-toxic variety of the Aluerites Moluccana tree. Some companies choose to sell the seeds under the new name Semilla de Brasil, but we prefer the original "Nuez de la India" name as the plant did originate from India and has now been propagated in South America. It's important to note that Semilla de Brasil is often sold "pre-cut" - we strongly discourage this because... 1. It's hard to tell if the seed is authentic, it looks just like a grain of rice and 2. Cutting the seed exposes it to the elements which partly destroys it's oils and nutrients, making it less effective. It's much better to buy whole seeds and do the simple cutting yourself as needed.

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