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FAQs: Is Nuez dela India Toxic?

June 05, 2014 Justin M

From: Angelica Hello my name is Angelica, I am very interested in this product and I have heard many good and bad things about it, I would like to know if this product is toxic if taken incorrectly like people say it is? I would also like to know once I stop taking the product will the weight come back on? I do exercise 2 times a week maybe 3 if I have time. I just need something to push me a little more and help me shed more pounds. Thank you so much hope to hear from you soon....

Semilla de Brazil and Nuez de la India -- Are they the same?

May 13, 2014 Justin M

We often receive emails from customers asking if Semilla de Brazil and our Nuez de la India are the same thing.  Our answer is "Yes and No, but Nuez de la India is better."   Here's why: Nuez de la India and Semilla de Brazil are in fact seeds from the same species of tree called "Aluerites Moluccana". Our Nuez de la India comes from a specific, non-toxic variety of the Aluerites Moluccana tree which we have propagated in the Amazon Rainforest. We do not know where Semilla de Brazil is sourced (and there are a dozen different companies), but we can hopefully...

2 Amazing Food Supplements to Help You with Your Nuez de la India Diet

April 15, 2014 Justin M

When you're taking Nuez de la India, the tea will work to purge and detoxify your intestines. Nuez de la India will eliminate fat and waste from your body, but it will also have an effect on other minerals in your body such as potassium and magnesium.   These minerals are vital to your health which is why it's very important that you REPLENISH your body with all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to be healthy, energetic and strong.   We know that some days it is hard to eat a healthy diet full of the fruits and vegetables so...

Nuez de la India Featured on Univision Los Angeles

January 26, 2014 Justin M

In case you missed it; Nuez de la India was featured on Univision Los Angeles just last week.    Click the Image to View the full Segment.     As the Dr. said, safety should be the #1 important consideration when starting any new diet. That is why our thousands of  customers trust We are the first and only Nuez de la India seller to inspect and package our Nuez de la India in our United States FDA registered facility.     Order your Nuez de la India today <--

Why Spring is the Best Time to Start Your Nuez de la India Diet?

April 24, 2013 Billy Jordan

Spring 2013 is well underway and thousands of smart customers around the world have started & restarted their Nuez de la India Diets this month. Did you know Spring is the perfect time to start your Nuez de la India Diet?   Why Spring? Two Reasons...   1. Important Fresh Fruits & Vegetables are Cheap this Time of Year!   The most important part of the Nuez de la India Diet is eating nutrient rich fruits and vegetables to replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals while the Nuez de la India works to purge and detoxify.   Fresh...

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