Nuez de la India on Amazon - Why is it no longer available?

December 08, 2017 Justin M

Well, despite our best efforts, we knew this day would come. For years we tried our best to raise the standard of quality of Nuez de la India on Amazon by:

  • Verifying authenticity
  • Verifying freshness 
  • Packing and registering the product properly
  • Providing an ebook with detailed instructions and diet guidelines
  • Providing on-going customer support

But unfortunately other sellers continued to dump fake, old, and cheap seeds (that may or may not have been aleurites moluccana) in stapled plastic bags on the Amazon marketplace. We suspect another seller started selling the highly toxic "friars hat" seed and passing it off as Nuez de la India. This all resulted in enough customers filing a complaint with Amazon that Amazon decided to ban ALL Nuez de la India from it's platform.

We can't say we blame Amazon for their decision.

It's impossible for them to inspect each item being shipped and if the sellers won't police themselves and be responsible then Amazon had no choice.

It's a big blow for our company as our Pura Vida "green pack" listings had literally hundreds of 5-star reviews and we separated ourselves as the gold standard for Nuez de la India on Amazon.

Now we must focus all our efforts right here where we started on (circa 2009!) :)

We're ready to provide the same super fast shipping and low prices that you had on Amazon.


Feel free to message us if you have any questions. 

Thank you!


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