How does Nuez de la India work?




Why Our Nuez de la India is Safer, Fresher, & More Effective

We are the first and only Nuez de la India provider that individually inspects and packages our Nuez de la India right here in the United States in an FDA Registered facility.

We introduced this safer, tamper-proof packaging in early 2013 after hearing reports of customers falling ill from fake or old Nuez de la India seeds which were purchased in simple unsealed, stapled-shut plastic bags from various other websites.

Being a natural, raw, nut product - Nuez de la India can become rotten, rancid, or infected with fungus if not properly sealed and stored. 

The Authentic Nuez de la India seed can also be hard to distinguish from other much more dangerous (and even poisonous) seeds from completely different plants. Your safety is at risk unless you are certain of the authenticity of the Nuez de la India you purchase.

Steps we take to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the Nuez de la India we sell:

  1. In our FDA registered food facility, every seed is individually inspected once arriving in the United States.
  2. Each seed is inspected for Authenticity, Freshness, & Size before being professionally packaged and sealed.
  3. Our new, tamper-proof packaging cannot be opened without breaking the seal.
  4. Packaging also has zip-loc seal so you can keep them fresh after you open.
  5. Packaging has clear instructions in English and Spanish.
  6. Packaging has our direct contact information for all inquiries.


Our Exclusive Nuez de la India Guide - Free with Your Order!

There is no such thing as a diet product that works without proper consumption and proper pairing of a balanced, nutritional diet.

That is why we've created the first and only Nuez de la India Diet Guide - an Exclusive, Downloadable Guide available only to customers.

Our Nuez de la India Diet Guide Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction for taking Nuez de la India
  • Introduction to the Nuez de la India Diet
  • Which foods work best with Nuez de la India?
  • Detailed Answers to frequently asked questions.

The Guide will be delivered directly to your email inbox right after your purchase.

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