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I was a little skeptic at first. I heard my mom talk about it and so I decided to try it. I have been fat my whole life. I tried excercise, I tried all types of diets...nothing really helped.   When I finally tried Nuez de la India, I followed the instructions and began my journey towards weight loss. The gradual weight loss was great, then finally seeing results after a few weeks...I lost a tot of 30lbs within 6 weeks. Keeping it off is always a challenge but with the Nuez de la India, I can do it! Thank you Nuez de la India
Tell us about your Nuez de la India experience. How much weight did you lose? Do you have any advice for others?	 I had tried every diet I could think of and then I was introduced to the Nuez in less than a year I lost 80 lbs and 3 pant sizes. I feel like a new person.
This really helped control my appetite. I changed my eating habits and started a workout regiment that works for my body type.   I've lost 40 pounds and would like to lose 30 more. It was recommended to me and I've recommended it to others but you have to be committed to get best results.
I used Nuez de India for almost a year. I loved it bc you didn't have to change your eating habits and yet you still lost weight.   I lost approximately 35 lbs. And kept them off until I got pregnant.   I would be drinking the nuez again once I stop nursing...
I lost more meassures than actual weight  but I can say thay I lost 5-7 pounds
Nuez de la India is the one for me! Review by: Cynthia M.

Hi, just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and friendly customer support. I'm looking forward to trying the product as I have heard a lot about it. I will probably place another order within the next 2 weeks!

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Nuez de la India Customer Reviews

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